NCTIA Public Service Award

NCTIA recognizes an individual or organization making a significant contribution to the promotion of travel to North Carolina that transcends personal gain. Any government agency, department, or government tax supported organization qualifies for this award.

Rules and Regulations
1. An individual and/or organization’s contributions must be an apparent service to the development and/or promotion of travel in North Carolina. Candidates need not be a resident of North Carolina.
2. This service must transcend the individual and/or organization’s financial gain.
3. In the case of an organization or business receiving the Award, the principle officer of such organization or business shall be designated as recipient.
4. In the case of an organization or business being considered for the Award, their contribution must have materially benefited travel promotion and/or development across the state of North Carolina.
5. Any government agency, department, or government tax-supported association or organization qualifies for the Award.
6. An unsuccessful candidate one year may be renominated for the Award the following year, or for any number of subsequent years.
7. No former winner of the Award may receive it a second time.
8. Only a North Carolina Travel Industry Association member in good standing may make nominations for the NCTIA Public Service Award.