About Us

NCTIA is the ONLY member-based statewide organization that encompasses all aspects of the industry. NCTIA began in 1955 as the Travel Council of North Carolina (TCNC). The organization has a distinguished history as an advocate for the state's travel industry beginning the day it was formed by Governor Luther Hodges and travel industry visionaries. Organizations such as Keep North Carolina Beautiful, The North Carolina Tourism Coalition and the NC Tourism Educational Foundation originated with the Travel Council. The State Travel and Tourism Board, a liaison between the industry, the Legislature and the Administration, was the result of Travel Council sponsored legislation.

Just as change is affecting our industry, Travel Council recognized it needed to change as well. It needed to stay on the cutting edge of being our state's travel industry advocate. Through in-depth strategic planning and industry input, the Travel Council adopted programs that travel industry members need today. And the Travel Council changed its name to the North Carolina Travel Industry Association to better reflect its new mission. NCTIA has a 64-year history of distinguished service to the travel industry by helping our member organizations be prepared and connected.

Join Us! As a member-based organization, NCTIA is only as strong as its membership. If you join us, NCTIA will help you. Also, you will be helping us become a stronger and more effective industry advocate. That's called a win-win relationship! Please join us today and become a part of the North Carolina Travel Industry Association team. You will be appreciated, and we'll all be better off.


Do you want to know what's going on in our industry? NCTIA will send you a regular e-newsletter keeping you up to speed and at the same time providing useful information to better operate your business. And we encourage you to submit items of interest to industry professionals for the newsletter. We all learn from each other.

Do you want to network with travel leaders from across the state and learn from them? Join them at NCTIA's annual Tourism Leadership Conference. The NCTIA membership directory is a valuable tool to help you reach other industry professionals. NCTIA will provide the opportunity to make many new friends. A broad-based organization, NCTIA does not have an isolated agenda. We work with all the industry on common causes, supporting other associations and groups and helping unify the industry on important positions.