Tourism Industry Partners

The Tourism Partner’s SIG was created for professionals who are too active in day-to-day operations to dedicate time and energy lobbying legislators but want to remain active. This group consists of hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals executives and many other tourism related business leaders who have a keen interest in North Carolina’s success. Communications is key to staying informed and no other industry association does it better than NCTIA. The weekly issue of NC Travel News provides a one page, easy to understand overview of legislative activity and outcomes. The Tourism Partners SIG shapes the way we communicate.      


  • Occupancy Tax: Protect local occupancy tax guidelines that continue to promote and market local communities’ tourism industry and assists local hotels, restaurants, attractions and retailers build and maintain small businesses.

  • School Calendar Law: Protect North Carolina’s most precious tourism natural resource — summer. Small business owners, students, and families depend on summer months to provide and enjoy affordable vacation opportunities for families. Erosion of the current summer calendar will hurt the state’s tourism economy (which supports 218,000 North Carolina jobs), give fewer economic opportunities to students, and less time provided for what matters most — family. 

  • Expand Economic Opportunities for Tourism: Whether it’s protecting North Carolina airports by supporting lower fuel tax for airlines, continuing to make the state’s film incentive program more attractive, fully fund Visit NC, or lowering the tax rate for small businesses, the travel industry requests the General Assembly do all it can to expand tourism and continue tourism friendly public policies.

  • Create & Protect Quality Jobs in Tourism: Encourage more job creating partnerships and trainings with schools, community colleges, and universities that encourages entry level workers to enter upwardly mobile career tracks in the hospitality industry.