NC Visitor attractions

This vital segment of North Carolina’s tourism industry has been under-represented for decades but has unified under the NCTIA umbrella. Visitor attractions can now collaborate and discuss the common issues vital to their success and advocate through a larger and more active voice. NCTIA provides unparalleled representation to all North Carolina visitor attractions through its legislative lobbying team.

Some key points affecting NC Visitor Attractions on this year's NCTIA Legislative Agenda are:

  • School Calendar Law: Protect North Carolina’s most precious tourism natural resource — summer. Small business owners, students, and families depend on summer months to provide and enjoy affordable vacation opportunities for families. Erosion of the current summer calendar will hurt the state’s tourism economy (which supports 218,000 North Carolina jobs), give fewer economic opportunities to students, and less time provided for what matters most — family. 

  • Create & Protect Quality Jobs in Tourism: Encourage more job creating partnerships and trainings with schools, community colleges, and universities that encourages entry level workers to enter upwardly mobile career tracks in the hospitality industry.