Be a part of NCTIA's Legislative Advocacy Group

NCTIA has a long history of active involvement in public affairs including a strong voice in lobbying efforts to protect and benefit North Carolina 's tourism industries. In March of 1994, NCTIA spun off its public policy agenda and founded the North Carolina Travel & Tourism Coalition, which for over a decade has monitored and defended good occupancy tax legislation.

The Coalition established tax guidelines that are generally accepted by the industry and the North Carolina House Finance Committee. These guidelines suggest that tax revenue collections should be reserved for marketing, which obviously helps hotels, restaurants, attractions and retailers build their businesses.

The NCTIA board of directors believes that our organization must stay involved in taxation issues, plus support other issues to help develop a stronger tourism economy. That is why the NCTIA Executive Committee reestablished its Legislative Council which will work to encourage positive legislation that goes beyond establishing local occupancy tax policy and the limited number of issues managed by the Coalition. The Legislative Council will help spearhead this important new direction for the association and the tourism industry.

Legislative Reports

View the current and archived legislative reports here.